from depression to health, happiness and purpose

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leafThe Journey – from depression to health, happiness and purpose – online course

leafLifetime access to the course

leafUnlimited support for one year through private Facebook group


15 guided relaxations each lasting from 10 to 35 minutes (ideal for downloading onto your phone or tablet)

18 video lessons

4 audio lessons

Journaling exercises

Membership of private Facebook group

Takes 6 to 8 weeks, ideally you can start it again once you’re finished for even more benefit.

The process of re-creating a shattered life, a broken body, and a scarred soul, is divine art, a rare gift or a lot of dedicated training to bring about. Sarah’s sessions guided, chided and inspired me on a daily basis. She was always there and never once did she let me down.. Instead of nearly dying, I started really living and am now stronger and happier than ever.

Fiona McLoughlin

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Payment Plan x 4 payments

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Sue and SarahWe’re very excited to share with you our program, The Journey – from depression to health, happiness and purpose. It has taken 7 years to get to this point and it includes the best of everything we have ever experienced for recovering from depression – providing you with a simple path to a happier, more purposeful life.

Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey, or part-way and looking for fresh input, or already experienced for many years, in this program we give you specific steps, tools and support at every level to find your true self – the YOU who is not depressed and who is in touch with your natural joy and happiness.

This is your invitation to join, so go ahead and book for yourself, and book additional packages for your friends or colleagues at the same time. We know you’ll love it.


In taking the time to explore my own self deeply with Sue’s guidance I was able to clarify my vision, and reconnect to a solid and valuable purpose through daily ritual, self-care and spiritual practice. Take the time, you will be glad you did.

Stephanie Renaud

The Journey ecover packaging

Thank you for being in my life, Sarah. Knowing you has changed my life in a way I could never have imagined, and yet, it’s been exactly what I’ve needed. Not only do I have a growing joy for my life (and life in general), but I also now have an eagerness to participate in Life in a really big way! A far leap from just a year ago, don’t you think?

Anna S. USA


leafHow to relax and recharge your energy

leafHow to attract healing energy

leafHow your emotions link with your physical health and how to improve both

leafEasy ways to develop a healthier lifestyle

leafHow to find happiness

leafHow to release anger

leafHow to let go of judgement

leafHow to love yourself

leafHow to forgive yourself

leafWhy being grateful is so powerful

leafHow to connect with the YOU who isn’t depressed

leafHow to connect with your purpose




I will always be grateful to Sue for guiding me toward being the change I wish to see in the world. Thank you endlessly, Sue.



Kelley Coburn

Full Pay

Buy now - $187

Payment Plan x 2 payments

Buy now - $97 / month

Payment Plan x 4 payments

Buy now - $55 / month

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